Staffmap Demos

Create a Project

Create a Staffmap project on the TryStaffmap sandbox server and explore all of the functionality. Unlike the other demos, you can add floors, add employees, etc.

URL Parameters

Specify employee first name, employee last name, firstname and lastname or employee id in the URL to load an employee record directly, or specify floor name or floor id to load a floor directly.

Employee Floorplan

Explore a fully functional, multi-floor StaffMap Project. This demo includes permanent employees, remote employees, and bookable shared desks.

Remote Employees Map

Remote worker profile pictures and locations are displayed on Google Maps. Click a remote employee marker to display the employee detail form.

Parking Space Assignments

Create a bookable parking lot map for clients, customers, or employees. This demo shows both assigned parking spaces and spaces that can be reserved.

Book a Locker

Allow visitors or staff to select and book lockers. This demo shows lockers that have been permanently assigned and lockers that can be booked.

Convention Floorplan

Staffmap can be used to display tradeshow vendor locations and detailed information. Vendor locations can be manually assigned, or vendors can book their own location.

Office Locations (static map)

Display your company office locations on an image-based US map. Click an office marker to display detailed information about the office.

Office Locations (google map)

Display your company office locations on a Google Map. Click an office marker to display detailed information about the office.

Server Room

Track the location of equipment in your office. View detailed information about each server, printer, etc. within your organization.

Embedded StaffMap

Embed a StaffMap project to your company website in an iframe or publish clear office floor plan images for staff, clients, or customers to reference.

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