Staffmap Features

Managing your company floorplans has never been easier. Explore the features below.


Dynamic Floorplans

An office manager or facility manager can quickly setup a StaffMap project to efficiently manage space in the workplace. Keep your staff floorplans up-to-date from anywhere at any time.

Allow staff to quickly locate other employees. Implement a shared desk (hotdesking) booking system to allow certain desks to be booked when needed.

Plan employee desk moves as new people join the company, or seating allocation changes.

Staffmap runs on every device, anywhere

Update Staffmap on many devices

Access from Anywhere

Easily locate employees from anywhere on any device.

Update your office floorplans using a standard browser on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Simply log in, make changes and then log out.

Screen elements are dynamically resized and adjusted based on the size of the screen.

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Active Directory Integration

Staffmap provides powerful integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Sync employee records with Active Directory, or import employees from Active Directory. Administrators define which fields are connected, and apply filters to sync with specific organizational units or groups.

Staffmap also provides auto-login through Active Directory so that once your employees are logged in to the network, they will be automatically logged into Staffmap with the same username.

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Employee Import

Easily import employee records from other systems. As long as the system can produce a CSV file, employees can be imported into Staffmap. Administrators define which fields are imported.

If desk names are included in the import file, employees will automatically be positioned at the matching desk on your floorplans.

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Desk Booking

StaffMap is designed to successfully facilitate coworking and shared desks (aka Hotdesking). Employees can choose their booking date on a calendar and then their work space on the company floorplan. Upcoming bookings are displayed on the 'My Bookings' screen. 

Double bookings are eliminated, managers know exactly which desks are in use, and work space usage is optimized, reducing facility costs.

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Move Management

Large organizations are always in a state of change, and need to be able to increase, reorganize, or downsize their workforce to effectively compete in their industry. With Staffmap, facility managers can effectively plan and execute employee and asset moves with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Staffmap allows managers to create various move scenarios and then choose the one that makes the most sense.

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Equipment Tracking

Manage all of your company assets including printers, computers, audio/visual equipment, shredders, coffee machines, artwork, filing cabinets, lockers, etc.

Represent shared assets on company floor plans to be booked by staff day to day. Track equipment usage and location on your floorplans or on a world map.

Create floor plans from storage room, locker room, or parking space images or plans and allow staff to book and update these spaces.

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Export to PDF

Export one or multiple employee floorplans to PDF format for easy distribution.

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StaffMap features a powerful Google Maps integration to organize remote assets across the globe. View employees working out of the office or company assets on a fully interactive world map, accurate down to the street address.

Provide customers, clients, partners, and employees with an international facility location map. Organize remote employee details with their staff profile present on the map.

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Custom Employee Detail Form

The employee detail form can be fully customized to meet your company's needs. Add any number of custom fields including text, memo, list, date and checkbox.

Give varying levels of access to staff details via project security groups to protect sensitive information. Set up required and optional fields or pre-fill fields with default values.

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Employee Search

If you need to find someone in the office, StaffMap can quickly connect you. Every staff member in the system can be searched for and located on your company floorplan.

Embed a StaffMap project to your company website in an iframe or publish clear office floor plan images for staff, clients, or customers to reference.

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Staffmap includes several standard reports, as well as a powerful report designer allowing you to report on any information in your floorplan project. 

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Why Hot-Desking?

Hot-desking has become a popular office organization system which involves desks being shared by multiple employees such as remote workers and shift workers, as opposed to each staff member having their own personal desk.

Cost Reduction & Efficiency

A primary motivation for hot-desking is cost reduction by paying only for the space you use. Many major companies have also implemented hot-desking in order to promote greater efficiency and teamwork.

Full Feature List:

Desk Booking

  • Reserve desks on floor plans.
  • Calendar tool to view open desks by day.
  • Booked desks displays employee's name and picture.

Seating Planner

  • Include permanent desks with shared desks on the same floor plan.
  • Plan seating arrangements for optimized work spaces.
  • Open desks become available to book.

Moves and Changes

  • Plan employee movement scenarios.
  • Implement changes for all users.
  • Manage planned moves and changes.

Equipment Booking

  • Reserve equipment on floor plans.
  • Book work space, lockers, parking spaces, etc.
  • Track equipment usage and location in the facility.

Dynamic Floor Plans

  • Web-based interface to update floor plans from anywhere.
  • Multi user simultaneous editing.
  • Make updates for all users at the same time.

Mobile Friendly

  • Book office space from mobile devices.
  • Update StaffMap projects from mobile devices.
  • Access StaffMap projects from Apple devices.

Track Remote Assets

  • Google Maps integration.
  • Keep track of remote workers by their geolocation.
  • Organize facility locations on maps for clients or staff.

Employee Search

  • Quick Search tool to find staff and contact information on floor plans.
  • Advanced Search tool with filters for fine-tuned searches.
  • Locate equipment on facility floor plans.

Staff Details

  • Staff are present on floor plans and in staff lists with details.
  • Include contact information, records, and more, to staff on floor plans.
  • Secure staff details with security group viewing permissions.

Custom Details Forms

  • Add any kind of staff detail or record information to staff on floor plans.
  • Make staff detail fields required, or pre-fill them with default values.
  • Customize all staff detail forms across the project instantly.

Embed Floor Plans

  • Embed an office floor plan guide and employee look up on your company website.
  • Fully customizable and resizable embedding with iframes.
  • Allow customers, clients, visitors, staff and partners find and contact staff over the internet.

Print Floor Plans

  • Provide employees and facility visitors with floor plan guides.
  • StaffMap creates high quality, printable images of floorplans instantly.
  • Create attractive and easy to understand guides for company floor plans.

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