StaffMap Features

Mapping your employees and assets has never been easier


Easily locate employees on your company floorplans and Google maps. Learn more...


Locate and track assets on your floorplans and maps. Learn more...


Planning Employee Moves Has Never Been Easier. Learn more...


Quickly find and book an available desk matching your criteria. Learn more...


Easily find available meeting rooms matching your criteria. Learn more...


Track your employees, assets, offices & desks on Google maps. Learn more...

Desk Booking
✓ Reserve desks on floorplans and maps
✓ View available desks by selected date
✓ Booked desks displays employee name and picture

Seating Planner
✓ Include permanent and shared desks on the same floorplan 
✓ Plan seating arrangements for optimized work spaces
✓ Unassigned desks automatically become bookable

Move Management 
✓ Create multiple employee move scenarios
✓ Export move scenarios to PDF or JPG for review
✓ Track all moves and changes with activity log

Move Requests
✓ Employees can select a desk and request to move to it
✓ A manager can approve or deny move requests
✓ Email notifications can inform managers of move requests

Equipment Booking
✓ Select & reserve equipment on floor plans
✓ Book equipment, lockers, parking spaces, etc.
✓ Track equipment usage and location in the facility

Distribute Floorplans
✓ Export floorplans to PDF or JPG, and email to staff
✓ Display floorplans on a central kiosk or touchscreen
✓ Embed your floorplans in your website or intranet

Mobile Friendly
✓ Book office space from any mobile device
✓ Edit StaffMap projects from your mobile phone or tablet
✓ Interface automatically adjusts to smaller screen

Find Everything
✓ Use quick search to find staff, desks, bookings & assets
✓ Find printer location from serial number
✓ Find a phone from the phone number

Asset Types 
✓ Default types are printer, phone and projector
✓ Define your own asset types
✓ Add custom fields for each asset type

Meeting Room Booking 
✓ Use quick search to find available meeting rooms
✓ Find rooms that match seating requirements
✓ Booking form is fully customizable

✓ View employee calendar or project calendar
✓ Support Google calendar, Outlook calendar, iPhone, etc.
✓ Calendars updated when bookings added or changed

Activity Log 
✓ Records events such as add employee, request move, etc.
✓ Over 50 different events can be enabled
✓ Create admin reports from the activity log

Email Notification 
✓ Email notifications can be sent when events occurs 
✓ Notify a manager when a move is requested
✓ Notify catering when lunch requested for a meeting

Asset Assignment 
✓ Track which phone is assigned to what employee
✓ Run reports to see who assets are assigned to
✓ Assign desktop or notebook computers to employees

✓ View location of offices and remote workers on a map
✓ Map type, zoom & latlng can be defined for each map
✓ Display a different map for each country or region

URL Parameters 
✓ Pass parameters such as employee id, username, etc.
✓ Display desks, employees, assets, bookings, maps, etc.
✓ Use parameters with iframe to embed in website

Manage Staff Parking
✓ Permanently assign parking spaces
✓ Allow parking spaces to be booked
✓ View who is assigned to each parking space

Custom Floorplan Panels
✓ By default panels include picture, firstname & lastname
✓ Create your own panel theme to display any fields
✓ Panels can be styled to display larger text, colors, etc.

Edit My Profile
✓ Employees can edit their profiles when logged in
✓ Define which fields are included on the profile form
✓ Employees can enable their own .ics calendar

Offices Map
✓ Display a map showing your company office locations
✓ Use the CustomClickURL field to link to a floor or project
✓  Show a picture of your office building on the map

Rest API  
✓ Integrate with other applications 
✓ programmatically add employees, desks, assets & bookings
✓ Edit or delete employees, desks, assets & bookings

Annotation Layers  
✓ Add annotations to floorplans 
✓ Make quick notes about upcoming moves 
✓ Show emergency exits, first-aid kits, fire extinguishers, etc.

SQL Server  
✓ Choose file-based database or SQL Server  
✓ SQL Server provides better reporting capabilities  
✓ SQL Server provides wider range of access

Part-Time Desks   
✓ Employees can book desks on a recurring weekly basis   
✓ Example: Assign an employee to a desk every Mon & Tues   
✓ Search shows employees assigned to part-time locations

Assign to Multiple Desks 
✓ Employees can be assigned to multiple desks    
✓ Assign on a fulltime or part-time basis    
✓ Assign to desks or offices at multiple locations

Style Panels By Type
✓ Style desks and assets by type, category, etc. 
✓ Eg. Show phones as different colors based on type     
✓ Eg. Show desks with different colors based on type 

Track Remote Employees
✓ Track remote workers on Google maps
✓ Allow remote employees to update their address
✓ Manage remote staff by region 

Track Assets on a Map 
✓ Track assets on Google maps
✓ Drag to a specific location on the map  
✓ Search for an asset to display the map location  

Track Desks on a Map
✓ Track desks and offices on Google maps
✓ If enabled, employees can book desks on a map   
✓ View assigned, available & booked desks on a map 

Employee Search
✓ Easily locate employees on your office floorplans
✓ Powerful search function with filters for specific matches
✓ Search by firstname, lastname or any other field value

Staff Details
✓ Track detailed information about each employee
✓ If enabled, include html in field values
✓ Permissions determine who can see what information

Form Customization
✓ Add new text, memo, list, checkbox fields as needed
✓ Set employee fields as required and include default values
✓ Use CSS to style the detail form as desired

Embed Floorplans
✓ Embed office floorplans in your company website 
✓ Staffmap automatically adjust to any iframe size
✓ Pass parameters to embedded floorplans in Sharepoint

Print Floorplans
✓ Provide employees and visitors with floor plan guides
✓ Create high quality, printable images of floorplans
✓ Select theme when printing to display larger text 

Track Employees  
✓ Track the location of employees at all offices 
✓ Record detailed information about each employee
✓ Allow employees to quickly find staff & assets

✓ Each layer displays specific employees, desks or assets
✓ Create your own layers for specific asset types
✓ Pass layer names in the URL to display one or more layers

Active Directory 
✓ Sync or Import employees from active directory
✓ Filter to sync specific organizational units
✓ Sync or import employee photos

Desk Assignments 
✓ Permanently assign employees to desks
✓ Track employee desk move history
✓ Auto assign employees to desks when importing

Track Desks  
✓ Specify desk types such as office, desk, meeting room
✓ Track desk move or change history with activity log
✓ Record detailed information about each desk

Track Assets 
✓ Map all of your printers, phones, servers, furniture, etc. 
✓ Record detailed information about each asset
✓ Add custom fields to the asset forms as needed

Export to PDF & JPG 
✓ Generate high quality PDF for distribution
✓ Exported floorplans can be embedded into website
✓ Quality can be selected before exporting

Admin & User Reports
✓ Several default user and admin reports included
✓ Easily create new reports as needed
✓ Staff can run user reports but not admin reports

Export Reports
✓ Export reports to PDF and CSV
✓ Use exported CSV to import data to another system
✓ Export both admin reports and user reports

Project Backups 
✓ Include project folders in your nightly backups
✓ Use the backup function to manually create backups
✓ Easily transfer projects from one server to another

✓ User permissions determine who can access what
✓ Each employee is assigned to a security group
✓ Define by group which items are visible in the menu

Customizable Menu
✓ Add lists, reports, floors, offices, etc. to the side menu
✓ Configure side menu in any hierarchy desired
✓ Define which menu items are visible to staff

✓ Edit project styles to customize panels, forms, etc.
✓ Use styles to show a different color for each department
✓ Link styles to the 'Panel Class' field property

Import Employees
✓ Import employees from CSV files
✓ Most employee management tools can export CSV files
✓ Match fields in CSV file with Staffmap fields

Import Assets
✓ Import/Sync Assets from CSV files
✓ Import Assets such as printers, projectors, phones, etc. 
✓ Match fields in CSV file with Staffmap fields

Import Desks 
✓ Import Desks from CSV file
✓ Sync Desks with CSV file
✓ Match fields in CSV file with Staffmap fields

Azure AD 
✓ Import/Sync employee records from Azure Active Directory 
✓ Select the columns from Azure to import/sync 
✓ Include desk values to assign employees directly to a desk

Custom Mobile Tabs  
✓ Employee,   
✓ Select the columns from Azure to import/sync
✓ Include desk values to assign employees directly to a desk



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